You have a good cause; we have everyone’s favorite fundraising foods and a dedicated team to help your organization do more good.


Pizzas - Satisfy a crowd of any size.
Whether you’re feeding one or the entire team, we have everyone’s favorite from Pepperoni and Sausage to Chicken Alfredo. With nearly 20 of the best tasting pizzas to choose from, your fundraiser will be a hit year after year!

Soups - One-pot meals ready in a flash.
Randy’s frozen soups make serving a satisfying meal easy. We offer mouth-watering varieties for both smaller families and when the whole gang gets together. Options include fully prepared thaw and heat soups as well as frozen, uncooked, scratch soups made with flash frozen vegetables.

Sweets – Skip the mess with ready-to-bake sweet treats.  
Whether you’re feeding just a few or the entire class, our scoop-and-bake and break-and-bake cookies are ready in minutes. We also carry frozen pies and donuts.

From kick-off communications and reminders to delivery and distribution, we have the tools to make your event hassle-free.

With you every step of the way.

1) Let's talk: Tell us your objectives and timing and we’ll discuss all the steps necessary.
2) Kick off: We’ll provide all brochures, order sheets, instructional information, and parent letters.
3) Fundraiser Window: Typically lasts 2-3 weeks.
4) Return information and finalize pick-up date and timing.
5) Delivery & Support: We’ll personally deliver your orders packed individually for each student.

Let us be your fundraising partner each spring and fall.
Together we can make raising your extra dollars easy and successful!