Build a stronger business with a pizza line created just for you and your customers. 

Whether you choose a traditional recipe or one that’s all your own, we can help you create a pizza that sets you apart from the pack.


Great pizza starts with the right crust.
At Randy’s, we work with you to create the crust that works best for your application. From flavor and thickness to shape and size, even the edge of your crust is up to you. From thin and crispy to thick, flakey or chewy, available from 5” to 16”, we will work with you to choose the style and size. Our options include both par-baked and live dough crusts.


Seriously good sauce makes the difference. 
Our scratch-made red sauce gives your pizza a richer, fresher flavor and brighter appearance. With our homemade puree made with premium fresh-packed tomatoes as your base, add fresh herbs and spices to create the flavor profile you want, from sweet and mild to savory and spicy.  

Want something other than a red sauce? We’ll work with you to create a sauce that’s just right for the flavor experience you want from BBQ and Alfredo to Buffalo or Ranch.

Don’t see what you want, just ask and if we don’t already have a recipe, we’ll create one together.


Choice ingredients applied by hand.
When it comes to toppings you want the best visual appeal and flavor on every slice. Mix and match to create the pizza experience you want.

Meats: Make it your own with high-quality, fully cooked meats available in a variety of flavors, types, and cuts. From mild to spicy and thick- or thin-cut, to diced or crumbled, from light to loaded the choice is up to you. Whether you want something traditional like Pepperoni and Sausage or something more adventurous like Taco Meat, Gyro or Bratwurst, we will make it happen.

Vegetables: Add color and flavor to any pizza. Our veggies are selected for their farm fresh flavors and available in a variety of styles including diced, sliced or julienned. We will work with you to pick the flavor, style and weight perfect for your pizza.

Cheese: The ingredient that keeps it all together, we use the finest cheeses, 100% real Wisconsin depending upon the variety, to provide the richest flavor possible. Whether you choose 100% Mozzarella or a 4 cheese blend, a fancy shred or a feather shred, you’ll get the look, flavor, and melt you want for your pizza.


Ready to build your pizza business? Let’s talk.