An ideal add-on to grow your business.

Give your customers another option with our made-to-please sandwiches. We offer more than 30 varieties of bun and wedge sandwiches for a satisfying meal any time of day.  From breakfast sandwiches to lunch, dinner and snack size, we’ve got you and, most importantly, your customers covered. 

Select from our menu of cold or heat-and-eat options or develop one all your own. All our sandwiches are made using the highest quality, fresh ingredients including in-house sliced meats and cheese selected specifically to help maintain the integrity and flavor of the sandwich. Assembled on-site, our sandwiches are prepared by hand and frozen to ensure freshness. 

Varieties include: smoked ham and cheese, roast beef and Swiss, turkey and cheese, all beef or pork hotdogs and chili dogs, beef and cheddar, all sizes and types of burgers, pork riblets, breakfast sandwiches and many more!